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BSTA Conference 2015 – Towards a Marketable Sized Sweet Potato

A determination of the effect of single- and double-row planting on the yield of four sweet potato cultivars and to quantify economic feasibility of double-row planting of sweet potato as a production method within the BAMC setting.

By: Jacklyn Broomes and Anderson Eversley, BAMC

Towards a Marketable Sized Sweet Potato

BSTA Conference 2015 – Sweet Potato Processing

The first presentation entitled “Sweet Potato Processing” was delivered by Mr. Richard Armstrong of ARMAG Farms, St. Philip, Barbados. In his presentation, Mr. Armstrong gave an overview of his sweet potato processing plant where healthy fries are produced. He also gave an indication of the challenges currently being faced in this innovative operation in Barbados.

Sweet Potato Processing – Richard Armstrong

“Barbados Society of Technologists in Agriculture Annual Technical Conference 2015”

On February 7th, 2015 at the Barbados Yacht Club, the BSTA hosted its annual technical¬† conference under the theme, “Going forward in agriculture – Innovative “out-of-the-box” solutions”. A total of ten (10) presentations were made on various topics, ranging from the processing of sweet potato into value-added products to the use of “vinasse” as a soil fertilizer and conditioner, among other very interesting topics.

This year’s conference was well attended and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A tribute was made by the BSTA president, Mrs. Marcia Marville, to the dearly departed Mr. Keith Laurie, whose presence was sorely missed.